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Profile of child population in the Republic of North Macedonia


The State Statistical Office released the publication “Profile of child population in the Republic of North Macedonia” which was prepared in cooperation with UNICEF office in Skopje.

The aim of the publication is to provide a demographic profile of children in North Macedonia and to present their status in different social spheres to provoke the relevant actors to develop evidence-based policy addressing the children’s needs.

The main data source for the publication is the Census of population, households and dwellings conducted in 2021. Other sources are the surveys related to children conducted by the Statistical Office as well as available data from administrative institutions.

This publication is one of the first trial of this kind where data from different sources is integrated and should be a base and inspiration for the future activities of SSO and other administrative sources to provide data that serves for creation of policies for promotion children’s rights.

Publication is available at UNICEF web-page:




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