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The State Statistical Office will collect data on energy consumption in households


From 20 June to 10 July 2020, the State Statistical Office will conduct a survey on energy consumption in households.

In accordance with the methodology, the survey will collect data on:

• Thermal insulation of residential areas

• Methods of heating and cooling spaces

• Use of electric appliances.

The survey is conducted every five years.

Households selected to participate in this survey will be visited by specially trained interviewers and will be interviewed with a Household Questionnaire.

The methodology is in line with European standards, and the data obtained with the survey will help to gain an insight into the types of energy commodities consumed by Macedonian households.

We would like to thank all households for their cooperation and contribution in providing high-quality statistics.

For more information about the survey, please contact the Energy Department staff:

Stojna Maneva (stojna.maneva@stat.gov.mk) and

Gjurgjica Milosevska (gjurgjica.milosevska@stat.gov.mk).

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