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Meeting with a delegation of Eurostat


On 28 March 2019, the management of the State Statistical Office held a meeting with representatives of Eurostat, Mr. Eduardo Barredo Capelot, Director of Directorate B - Methodology, Dissemination, Cooperation in the European Statistical System, Ms. Avis Beneš, Head of Unit B3 - Enlargement, neighbourhood and development cooperation, and Mr. Torbiörn Carlquist, Team Leader of the Enlargement Section. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Alessandro Zanotta, representative of the Delegation of the European Union, responsible for monitoring the harmonisation of statistics.
The meeting discussed the notable progress in aligning the country’s official statistics with the European Union statistics, the strengthened coordination role of the State Statistical Office in the National Statistical System, the upcoming Census of Population Households and Dwellings 2020, and the future plans of the Office for alignment with the European acquis.
The Eurostat delegation also had a meeting with Mr. Bujar Osmani, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, and discussed the topic of cooperation between Eurostat and the Republic of North Macedonia, especially with regard to the upcoming census, which is planned for next year.
"The new Census Law is in the final phase of governmental procedure and I expect it to be adopted soon, after which it will enter parliamentary procedure. Our plan is to have no obstacles to hold the census in 2020, for which the preparations will begin this year, and I expect to have a successful process that will produce reliable results", said Mr. Osmani.

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