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Survey on the safety of women in the family and society


In the period from 28 July to 20 September 2022, the State Statistical Office will conduct a survey on the safety of women in the family and society.

The survey is conducted in accordance with the recommendations of European statistics. The respondents (women only), selected at random, will be contacted by phone and can choose how to answer the questionnaire (by phone, visit of an interviewer to the household or self-completion via email).

The questions refer to the way of life, safety, family, contact with people in the family, but also outside, in everyday life. The survey questionnaire contains several sets of questions that are answered depending on the events experienced in life.

According to the Law on State Statistics, the collected data are used exclusively for statistical purposes and are published in aggregate form.

For further information, please contact the State Statistical Office:



+389 2 3295 735, +389 2 3295 835 or +389 2 3295 666.

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