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Preparation of the Five-Year Programme of Statistical Surveys

 As part of the preparation of the Five-Year Programme of Statistical Surveys, 2018-2022, the State Statistical Office (MAKSTAT) in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) will organise several activities aimed at increasing the cooperation between the Office and the authorised bodies from the National Statistical System, data users, data providers, the business community, NGOs, the academic community, etc.

These activities will strengthen the coordinating role of the State Statistical Office in terms of producing better statistics and defining the contents of the next programme.

By the end of June, two workshops will be organised, as follows:

1. Workshop with the authorised bodies of the statistical system of the Republic of Macedonia, 22-23 June 2017, Mavrovo;
2. Workshop with the holders of administrative data sources, 30 June 2017, Skopje.

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