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General and Regional Statistics

The edition General and Regional statistics covers a wide range of publications with a set of data from all areas of the socio-economic and social life of the country.

This category of publications includes the Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Macedonia, the richest and most comprehensive publication that offers annual and longer time series data on population, labor market, education, economy and many others.

This edition includes several publications that have a specific approach to the data according to specific variables. Thus, the publication Women and Men in Macedonia represents the structure of the population of Macedonia by gender, and the publication Regions of Macedonia offers a wide variety of data processed by the eight statistical regions in Macedonia.

This edition also includes the publications: Preliminary statistical data for the Republic of Macedonia, Short-term statistical data on economic movements in the Republic of Macedonia, Monthly Statistical Report, Macedonia in Figures and Sustainable Development - publications that enable users to find a lot of data from all areas of statistics in one place; therefore, the publications in this edition could be called multi-domain.


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