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Culture and public informing, 2014


This Statistical Review presents a set of data in the domain of culture and public information, which were gathered through the regular statistical surveys conducted by the State Statistical Office.
The Review is prepared with the main aim to provide sublimated data from this field, for the purpose of satisfying users' needs.
The surveys which are conducted by the State Statistical Office in this area are numerous, and in order to ensure greater clarity, some methodological explanations are given in the Review before presenting the data obtained from the particular survey.
Bearing in mind that the surveys in the domain of culture and public information have different periodicity (annual and multiannual), presented here are the latest available data from all conducted surveys, and not just from the surveys which are conducted in one reference year.
Some of the presented data are shown by municipalities.

Dear users,
The latest data from this publication in future, will be published in the MakStat database

Date of release: 07.12.2015
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Number of pages: 66
Language: Macedonian and English


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