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Detailed, complete, timely and reliable statistics are essential for monitoring the energy situation at a national and international level. Energy statistics on supply, trade, stocks, transformation and demand are the real basis for decision making in the governing of energy policies in the country.

Energy statistics are collected in order to prepare energy balances which contain data on production, transformation and distribution of energy sources and types of energy by sector.

In the energy statistics are presented the primary energy sources, which through the process of transformation create energy needed for the final consumers in the economy and in the everyday life.


Key Indicators
  Final electricity consumption in households per capita - preliminary data ( 2022) : 1681.6 kWh - preliminary data  

  Participation of hydro production in terms of total gross production of electricity - preliminary data ( 2022) : 22.7 % - preliminary data  

  Share of domestic production in the gross national electricity consumption - preliminary data ( 2022) : 80.7 % - preliminary data  

  Share of solids in gross inland consumption - preliminary data ( 2022) : 30.6 % - preliminary data  

  Energy dependency - preliminary data ( 2022) : 62.8 % - preliminary data  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

Final electricity consumption is the energy intended for final users.

Population data represents the number of population at the middle of the year.

Gross production of electricity is the sum of electricity produced from hydro and thermal plants.

Net import represents the difference between imports and exports of energy commodities to and from the country.

Energy dependency is the ratio between Net energy imports and Gross inland consumption and measures the extent to which the country depends on energy products import.

Gross inland consumption is the quantity of energy consumed in the country and represents a sum of total primary production, net import and stock changes.

Gross national electricity consumption = Total gross production + Imports - Exports


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