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National Classifications (macedonian only)

CodeNameShort nameResponsible institutionFamilyStatus
01.21 National classification of activities NKDSSOActivitiesnational standard
01.22 Classification of institutional sectors KISSSOActivitiesnational standard
01.23 Activity list for time use LAKVSSOActivitiesstandard of the SSO
02.21 Classification of products by activity KPDSSOProductsnational standard
02.22 Customs tariff CTCAProductsnational standard
02.23 Standard International Trade Classification SMTKSSOProductsnational standard
02.24 Nomenclature of buildings and construction works NGOGRSSOProductsstandard of the SSO
02.25 National nomenclature of industrial products NNIPSSOProductsnational standard
02.27 Transport classification of goods TKSSSOProductsstandard of the SSO
02.31 Nomenclature of raw materials NSMSSOProductsstandard of the SSO
02.32 Nomenclature of agricultural products, products of forestry, hunting and fishing and related services NZSRUSSOProductsstandard of the SSO
02.33 List of energy commodities and types of energy LENESSOProductsstandard of the SSO
03.21 Classification of the functions of the government KFVSSOConsumptionnational standard
03.22 Classification of individual consumption according to purpose KLPNSSOConsumptionstandard of the SSO
03.23 Classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions serving households KCNIDSSOConsumptionnational standard
04.21 National classification of occupations NKZSSOOccupationsnational standard
05.21 Standard classification of education by levels SKOSSSOEducation-Sciencenational standard
05.22 Standard classification of education by fields SKOP SSO Education-Science national standard
05.25 Field of science and technology classification KPNTSSOEducation-Sciencestandard of the SSO
05.26 Nomenclature for the analysis and comparison of scientific programmes and budgets NASNPBSSOEducation-Sciencestandard of the SSO
06.21 Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems MKBMZ/IJZRMHealth-
07.21 List of wastes LVOMOEPPEnvironmentnational standard
07.22 Statistical classification of waste SKOTSSOEnvironmentstandard of the SSO
07.23 Classification of activities and costs for environmental protection KATZZSSSOEnvironmentstandard of the SSO
09.22 Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics NTESSSOGeographicnational standard
09.23 List of countries SDRZSSOGeographicstandard of the SSO
49.21 Classification by Broad Economic Categories OEKSSOAggregatenational standard
49.22 Main industrial groupings GIGSSOAggregatenational standard
50.20 Classification of statistical activities KSASSOOtherstandard of the SSO

SSO (State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia)
МOEPP (Ministry of environment and physical planning of the Republic of Macedonia)
CA (Customs administration of the Republic of Macedonia)
MZ/IJZRM (Ministry of Health/Institute of public health of the Republic of Macedonia)

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