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Economic Accounts for Agriculture

EAA are developed to serve as a basis for analysis, forecast and adopting political measures for monitoring the production process and primary income generated by economic activity in Agriculture.

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture are based on a sequence of interrelated accounts in which are recorded transactions from the generation of income, through income accumulation in the form of assets, to its distribution and redistribution.

One of the main characteristics of the EAA is the adoption of the "quantity x price" formula when measuring the output of the large majority of products.

The data used for the preparation of the accounts were gathered from the regular statistical surveys conducted in the State Statisticsl Office, the annual accounts from the Central Register and data on paid financial aid in agriculture by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.

Key Indicators
  Gross value added in agriculture  ( 2020) : 53 142 milion denars  

  Gross value added in agriculture  ( 2020/2019) : 8.5 %  

  Output of the agricultural "industry"  ( 2020) : 90 681 milion denars  

  Intermediate consumption  ( 2020) : 37 538 milion denars  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

Output of the agricultural "industry" - is the total of the production of all agricultural units expressed in value of production. The value of each of the items is valued by producer prices, which are the prices that agricultural producers receive from the purchasers for a unit of produced goods.

Intermediate consumption - consists of the value of goods and services used as inputs in the production process, excluding fixed assets whose consumption is recorded as fixed capital consumption. In addition, goods and services produced and consumed within the same agricultural unit are not recorded as intermediate consumption unless they also appear in the output of the industry.

Gross Value Added - is a balancing item of the production account in the Economic Accounts for Agriculture. It is a key item of measuring the productivity of agriculture in the economy and it is calculated as a difference between agricultural output on the one hand and total intermediate consumption on the other hand.


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