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Agriculture Census

The following units were covered by the Census:

  • Individual agricultural holdings
  • Households that own forest
  • Households that own fish pond
  • Business entities and the local units which in accordance with the National Classification of Activities, by main activity, are distributed in the sector of Agriculture, hunting and forestry and
  • Business entities and the local units which in accordance with the National Classification of Activities, by main activity, are not distributed in the sector of Agriculture, hunting and forestry, but which perform activities in this sector.

Key Indicators
  Area of utilised agricultural land  ( 2007) : 334226 hectares  

  Irrigated area  ( 2007) : 79637.94 hectares  

  Number of agricultural holdings  ( 2007) : 192675  

  Household members who work at individual agricultural holdings,  ( 2007) : 471069  

  Vineyards  ( 2007) : 24584.43 hectares  

  Number of cattle  ( 2007) : 241257  

  Number of goats  ( 2007) : 132924  

  Number of sheep  ( 2007) : 794053  

  Number of pigs  ( 2007) : 233702  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

Individual agricultural holdings are economic units of agricultural production which meet the following requirements:
- They use 1000 m2 of agricultural area or more or,
- They use less than 1000 m2 of agricultural land or do not use one at all, but they own certain minimum number of livestock, poultry or beehives:
• 1 cow and 1 calf, or
• 1 cow and 1 heifer, or
• 1 cow and two adult heads of small livestock, or
• 5 adult sheep or goats, or
• 3 adult pigs, or
• 4 adult sheep or goats and pigs together, or
• 50 numbers of adult poultry, or
• 20 beehives.

As exception, here are also included the households that have agricultural production, but do not meet the requirements for individual agricultural holding, if the agricultural production is the only source of income for those households.

Utilised agricultural land
Utilised agricultural land means land used for cultivation of agricultural crops. It represents the total of the areas of used arable land and gardens, orchards, vineyards, meadows, pastures and nurseries on the agricultural land.

Vineyards refer to areas on which stocks of grapevines are cultivated (table and wine varieties) with usual distance of cultivation for a certain variety.
Table varieties are intended for nutrition of the population in fresh condition, and the wine varieties are intended for wine, brandy and other grape processing.
Data refer to the total number and the number of bearing stocks, as well as to the total area under vineyards.
All stocks of grapevines are included in the total number of stocks of grapevines, regardless of how old they are.
Bearing grapevines are those, which are able to bear during the year, regardless if they bore during the current year.

Livestock by types and categories
The livestock is covered by types and categories regardless of whether at the time of the Census it is situated at the individual agricultural holding/business entity, or in another place.
The Census covered horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, hares and beehives.

Household members working at the individual agricultural holdings
Members of the household/households who work at the individual agricultural holdings were covered by the Census.
Persons aged 15 years and over who work at the individual agricultural holdings, are classified according to the educational attainment, the age and the sex.Educational attainment means the type of school where the person has acquired the highest level of education.
The type of activity represents descriptive determination of the head, i.e. the member of the household, whether the work at the agricultural holding is: only activity, principal activity etc.

Irrigated area
Irrigated areas represent areas actually irrigated at least once in the period from 01.06.2006 to 31.05.2007. Data refer to the total irrigated area and to the irrigated area by groups of crops (cereals, industrial crops, vegetable crops, fodder crops, orchards, vineyards, meadows, etc).


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