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Gross Fixed Capital Formation represents the total value of acquisition of assets less disposals of fixed assets in the accounting period plus certain additions to the value of non-produced assets.

Key Indicators
  Value of Gross Fixed Capital Formation-current prices  ( 2021) : 171094 milion denars (final data)  

  Value of Gross Fixed Capital Formation-current prices  ( 2021 / 2020) : 18.4 % (final data)  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

Investments in tangible fixed assets cover:
• Construction of dwellings,
• Other buildings and structures,
• Machinery and equipment and
• Cultivated assets.

Investments in intangible fixed assets cover:
• Mineral exploration
• Computer software
• Entertainment, literary or artistic originals
• Other intangible fixed assets.

Major improvements to tangible non-produced assets cover improvements in the quantity, quality or productivity of land or prevent its deterioration.

Costs associated with the transfers of ownership of non-produced assets cover costs linked with buying and selling of the land, without including the value of selling or buying the land.


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