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Tourism and Catering

The tourism in the Republic of Macedonia is covered with a monthly statistical survey, as well as with five-year sample surveys on the travelling of the domestic population and sample surveys on foreign tourists in accommodation facilities and foreign visitors at border crossings. These surveys are used to produce monthly and annual data on tourists and nights spent by types and categories of accommodation facilities, country of origin of tourists, types of resorts, capacities and similar. Also obtained are data on the socio-economic structure of domestic and foreign tourists, type and purpose of travelling, as well as data about the size and structure of the costs and other data related to the travelling. 

The catering service is covered with a quarterly, annual, three-year and five-year statistical survey. These surveys provide data about the size of the turnover and its structure by kind of services and selected products, quarterly and annually, data on the consumption of raw materials used for production of food in catering service-input, technical equipment and employees in the catering trade by occupation and education, as well as data on the accommodation capacities about the size, technical and other characteristics, used to express the level of comfort and content of the tourism offer.

Key Indicators
  Number of tourists  ( 02.2023) : 40 973  

  Number of tourists  ( 02.2023 / 02.2022) : 115.0  

  Number of nights spent  ( 02.2023) : 82 942  

  Number of nights spent  ( 02.2023 / 02.2022) : 108.4  

  Number of domestic tourists (index)  ( 02.2023 / 02.2022) : 98.3  

  Number of foreign tourists (index)  ( 02.2023 / 02.2022) : 129.7  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

A domestic tourist is a person with permanent residence in the Republic of Macedonia who is temporarily present at some other place, different from his/her usual place of residence, and who spends at least one night in some accommodation establishment.

A foreign tourist is considered to be anyone, permanently resident outside the Republic of Macedonia, who is temporarily present in the Republic of Macedonia and who spends at least one night in some accommodation establishment.

Tourist resort is considered to be a resort, which meets the conditions for attractiveness, communications and receptiveness. According to these criteria, the following statistical categories are defined: Skopje, spa resorts, mountain resorts, other tourist resorts and other resorts.

Accommodation facilities are facilities that offer accommodation services to guests, expressed in number of rooms and number of beds. The type and categorization is in accordance with national regulations.


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