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Internal Trade

Internal trade monitors the turnover in retail trade, wholesale trade and retail and wholesale trade of motor vehicles and their parts and accessories, as well as maintenance and repair of motor vehicles by business entities (enterprises, trade enterprises) whose main activity is trading.

Turnover is the total turnover businesses realize from sale in retail and wholesale. Realized turnover is shown at current prices according to bookkeeping records.

Key Indicators
  Retail turnover by product type  ( 2021) : 408263  

  Wholesale turnover by product type  ( 2021) : 499242  

  Wholesale turnover by articles  ( 2015) : 164260 milion denars  

  Retail turnover by products  ( 20135) : 126965 milion denars  

  Turnover index in the Trade sector  ( 9.2023/9.2022) : 98.2  

Time Series

Terms and explanations

Wholesale is purchase of goods for further sale to merchants, entrepreneurs, legal persons and others that purchase goods for performing their professional or profit-making activity.

Retail trade is purchase of goods for further sale to final users (for personal and household use).

Data publishing

Data are shown in the form of indices. The data were calculated with 2010 as a constant base year.

The indices reflect the short-term changes in the turnover between two compared periods. These are generally the reporting month, compared to the preceding or to the same month of the previous year.


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