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  Statistical Atlas, Census 2021 


The census of population, households and dwellings has always been and will always be particularly interesting for both experts and the general public, with the...

  Monthly Statistical Bulletin 


The Monthly Statistical Bulletin is one of the oldest editions of the State Statistical Office, in which data for the last
month, as well as...


  MakStat Selection 


As part of the European statistical family, the State Statistical Office, in this edition, presents in a different way a selection of data about the...

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Regions of the Republic of North Macedonia, 202228.10.2022
Statistical Yearbook of Republic of North Macedonia, 202225.10.2022
Total resident population, households and dwellings in the Republic of North Macedonia, census 2021 , 202120.10.2022
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Enrolled students in undergraduate studies, 2021/202230.09.2022
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North Macedonia in Figures, 202224.06.2022
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Monthly Statistical Bulletin, 03.202231.03.2022
Monthly Statistical Bulletin, 02 202228.02.2022
Monthly statistical buletin, 01.202231.01.2022
Monthly Statistical Bulletin, 12.202131.12.2021
Environmental statistics, 202130.12.2021
Makstat selection , 202124.12.2021


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