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About the State Statistical Office
Nowadays, statistical information is of essential importance for the decision-making process of one society.
The State Statistical Office is specialised and independent organisation within the state administration in the Republic of North Macedonia. The basic functions of the institution are collecting, processing and disseminating statistical data about the demographic, social and economic situation of the Macedonian society.
Besides that, the State Statistical Office is the primary bearer and coordinator of the statistical system of the country, the responsible institution for international cooperation in the field of statistics, for defining the statistical methodologies and standards, as well as for providing protection of the individual data collected from individual persons and legal entities.
The State Statistical Office is realising its activity in accordance to the Law on State Statistics (1997, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) together with the other participants in the statistical system of the country defined in the Programme for Statistical Surveys.
Official statistics is produced in accordance to the principles of impartiality, expert independence, objectivity, rationality and individual data protection.
The strategic objectives and the basic values are defined in the Strategic Plan, and according to this document the vision of the State Statistical Office is to be recognised as an institution that provides quality, timely and internationally comparable statistical data.
The State Statistical Office is located in Skopje and 228 persons work in the institution (160 in the Central Office in Skopje and 68 persons in 8 regional offices). Since July 2017, the State Statistical Office is being managed by Mr.Apostol Simovski, who is responsible for her work before the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. In order to fulfill the professional challenges, in 2015, the new organisational scheme of the institution was brought.
Expert and advisory body of the state statistics is the Statistical Council . The Council members are appointed by the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia. 
The State Statistical Office will gladly accept the opinions and suggestions ( e-mail:info@stat.gov.mk) by the friends of the Macedonian statistics in order to improve the availability of statistical data.




State Statistical Office
„Dame Gruev“ 4 - Skopje
tel: +389 2 3295 600
fax: +389 2 3111 336;
Director General
Mr. Apostol Simovski
Acting Deputy Director 
 Ilmi Selami
Director General
tel/fax: +389 2 3295 666
fax: +389 2 3136-197


Ordering of and subscription to the publications:
tel: +389 2 3295 850
fax: +389 2 3111 336;
е-mail: info@stat.gov.mk


Individual data requests:
tel: +389 2 3295 641
      +389 2 3295 738; 
      +389 2 3295 741
fax: +389 2 3111 336
tel: +389 2 3295 838;  
     +389 2 3295 638
е-mail: biblioteka@stat.gov.mk

Public Relations:
Jasmina Gjorgieva
mob: +389 75 402 335;


Data protection officer:
Slobodan Malevski
tel: + 389 2 3295 679;
Deputy data protection officer:
Kiril Trajanoski
tel: + 389 2 3295 670;


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