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 The basic document regulating the strategic priorities of the State Statistical Office from 2024 to 2026 is the Strategic Plan of the State Statistical Office, 2024 - 2026. The implementation of the defined programmes and sub-programmes should ensure: 

  • Meeting the obligations of the State Statistical Office defined in the Programme of Statistical Surveys, 2023 - 2027 and
  • Accomplishing the strategic priorities of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia related to the EU integration of the Republic of North Macedonia, i.e. meeting the obligations of the National Programme for Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA).

The Strategic Plan has been prepared in full compliance with the Law on State Statistics and the Five-Year Programme of Statistical Surveys 2023-2027.

In addition, the Strategic Plan takes into consideration the relevant documents from the European Commission defining the strategic priorities of the European Statistical System and used for monitoring the progress of the State Statistical Office, as well as the recommendations of the European Commission’s Peer Review on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice, and of the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) from the regular annual missions to the State Statistical Office for assessing the progress in the field of statistics, and the recommendations from the European Commission's Annual Progress Report, Chapter 18 - Statistics regarding the compliance with EU Standards. 

  You can download the entire document: Strategic plan 2024-2026
  Previous Strategic plans:


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