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SSO and quality


The users are generally recognised our statistical data as products as” fitness for purpose”. In accordance with Strategic Plan, State Statistical Office is committed to fulfill the users requests for statistics. The institution always put in front the quality of statistical data.


What is quality?


The quality of a statistical product can be defined as the “fitness for purpose” of that product. More specifically, it is the fitness for purpose with regards to the European Statistical System dimensions of quality:

  • relevance – is the degree to which a statistical product meets user needs in terms of content and coverage
  • accuracy and reliability – is how close the estimated value in the output is to the true result
  • timeliness and punctuality – describes the time between the date of publication and the date to which the data refers, and the time between the actual publication and the planned publication of a statistic
  • accessibility and clarity – is the ease with which users can access data, and the quality and sufficiency of metadata, illustrations and accompanying advice
  • coherence and comparability – is the degree to which data derived from different sources or methods, but that refers to the same topic, is similar, and the degree to which data can be compared over time and domain, for example, geographic level



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