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Guideline for updating the State Statistical Office website


The website is a unique product and service that includes subproducts and services for all types of users who have different needs and different levels of statistical literacy. The website of the State Statistical Office (SSO) is also unique in the sense that it contains information about all areas of society and social life of the country, as well as environmental data that are subject to statistical surveys.

The biggest challenge is to structure the website in a clear and user-oriented way for users to be able to quickly find the required information. The management of the website is based on the following principles:

- Statistical information is considered to be officially announced when it has been published on the SSO website;
- the SSO website is updated at 12 o’clock based on the publishing calendar;
- Publication of statistical information is regulated in the Guidelines for preparation of statistical publications;
- Conceptual development and introduction of new contents will be done in consultation with the Editorial Board of the SSO, the Managerial Board, and with the approval of the Director of the SSO;
- Administration and updating of the SSO website is the responsibility of the Department for dissemination, statistical territorial register, information and marketing (DDSTRIM) in the Sector for dissemination, international cooperation and European integration.

Participants in updating the contents of the SSO website are: Head of DDSTRIM, heads of sectors, persons from subject matter departments responsible for updating the SSO website, proofreaders in Macedonian and in English.

The website is updated continuously, after each change in a document, event or information, relevant for the website content.

Updated content in Macedonian and English is prepared by responsible persons from the subject matter departments. Updated content is previously approved by the head of the relevant department and the head of the sector.

Errors noticed after publishing statistical information on the website are corrected in accordance with the Guidelines for correction of errors.



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