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European integration
SSO’s employees actively participate in the monitoring and updating of the National Programme for Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA) in terms of objectives and activities foreseen for each year. SSO, as bearer and coordinator of the Working Group 18 – Statistics, continuously organises and coordinates the work of the Working Group in order to monitor and inform in a regular, quality and timely manner about the progress in adoption of the Acquis on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual periodicity.
In direction of monitoring the progress in harmonisation with EU standards, each year a meeting of the Sub-Committee on Economic and Financial Issues and Statistics is being organised, one year in Skopje and one in Brussels.
The intensive and well established cooperation between Eurostat and SSO is being improved with every further step taken. Besides the participation at Eurostat’s working groups meetings, also the consultancies, assessments and recommendations of Eurostat are of a great benefit for SSO. Each year in Skopje, Eurostat has its annual mission in order to:
·         Monitor the progress made from the previous assessment mission and to assess the current situation of statistics in the statistical system of the Republic of Macedonia
·         Discuss the process of data transmission
·         Discuss the current and future multi-beneficiary and national projects donated by the EC or other donors


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