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Art contest "World in Figures"


On the occasion of 1 June, Day of Macedonian Statistics, the State Statistical Office organised an art contest for students in grades V to IX from all primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia, on the theme "World in Figures".
A total of 513 works of art were submitted for the contest, divided into three categories according to the age of the students: grades V and VI, grades VII and VIII, and grade IX.
The Committee for evaluation of children's artwork, composed of Sasho Barjaktarov (President), Boro Arsovski (Member) and Goce Stoilkovski (Member), professors at the State Secondary School of Fine Arts and Design "Lazar Lichenoski" from Skopje, and Damir Puh (Member) and Aleksandar Eftimovski (Member)  from the State Statistical Office, reviewed and evaluated the submitted works of art and announced the following results:

In the first category, grades V and VI, the Committee selected the drawings of the following students: 
1 Teona Bidovska –  VI3, Primary School "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Skopje
2 Nina Gulija –  VI6, Primary School "Vojdan Chernodrinski" - Skopje
3 Hristijan Kochovski – grade VIa, Primary School "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" - Bitola

In the second category, grades VII and VIII, the drawings of the following students were selected:
1 Munira Ismajloska – VIII2, Primary School "Goce Delchev" - s.Podgorci, Struga
2 Pandora Maneva – VII, Primary School "Nikola Karev" - Kochani
3 Ivona Proshevska – VIIa, Primary School "Krste Misirkov" - Gevgelija

In the third category, grade IX, the works of the following students were selected:
1 Angela Petrova – IXb, Primary School "Dimche Angelov Gaberot" - Demir Kapija
2 Suela Ramadani – IX, Primary School "Naim Frasheri" - Tetovo
Nenad Krsteski – IXa, Primary School "Grigor Prlichev" - Skopje

In addition, the Committee considers that, because of the particular quality of their drawings, the following students should be commended:
1 Kiril Janev – VIa, Primary School "Strasho Pindzur" - Negotino
2 David Nikolovski, Primary School "Vera Jocic" - Skopje
3 Anastasija Simovska – VI, Primary School "Shemshovo", Regional School Zhilche - Jegunovce, Tetovo
4 Suela Ramadani – IX, Primary School "Naim Frasheri" - Tetovo
5 Angela Churlinova – VIb, Primary School "Krste Misirkov" - Gevgelija
6 Zinajda Baftjari – VI, Primary School "Rilindja" - s.Selce, Tetovo
7 Elena Avkova – VIII1, Primary School "Tosho Velkov - Pepeto" - Kavadarci
8 Marjan Tasevski – VIII1, Primary School "Aleksandar Zdravkovski" - Jegunovce, Tetovo
9  Marija Ristevska – VIIIb, Primary School "Nevena Georgieva - Dunja" - Skopje
10 Robert Ristov – VII1, Primary School "Tosho Velkov - Pepeto" - Kavadarci
11 Lola Filipovska – VIIa, Primary School "Yahya Kemal Junior" - Skopje
12 Haris Avmedoski – VIII1, Primary School "Goce Delchev" - s.Podgorci, Struga
13 Klimentina Dimitrieska – VIII2, Primary School "Goce Delchev" - s.Podgorci, Struga

The Day of Macedonian Statistics will be celebrated with an exhibition of the drawings of the students, during which awards will be presented to the winners.

The event will take place on 3 June (Friday) 2016 at 12 noon, at the Army Hall in Skopje.

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