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1 June - Day of Macedonian Statistics

 Today is a special day for all of us - the Day of Macedonian Statistics! Over the last year we were all invested in the advancement of our work, the improvement of the quality, timeliness, accuracy, transparency and accessibility of our data. We endeavoured to follow international and European statistical principles, standards and criteria, to produce comparable data and be recognised as a trusted and reliable partner. Last year we had sunny and less sunny days, but we were never in the shadow. We stood firm in the face of challenges, we were creative in our solutions, bold in times of difficulty, proud of our successes - all of us together!

Together we contributed in creating a realistic image of the Republic of Macedonia in figures.

Today, on 1 June, we are closing one and opening a new chapter in the history of Macedonian Statistics. We are starting to achieve our vision, our plans and programmes aimed at top-quality, modern and widespread Macedonian statistics.

Let us all together continue on the path paved by generations of statisticians before us and leave our mark down that path.

Happy Day of Macedonian Statistics!

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