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Second expert mission: “Review of the methodologies for harmonisation, transposition and recommendations for improvement”

 In the period from 01 to 03 March 2016, a second expert mission was conducted in the State Statistical Office on the topic: “Review of the methodologies for harmonisation, transposition and recommendations for improvement” as part of the twinning project of the Secretariat for European Affairs “Further strengthening of the organisational and institutional capacities of the EU integration process”.

The mission was organised by SEA, in cooperation with the State Statistical Office, as producer and coordinator of the statistical system in the Republic of Macedonia. At a meeting with the Director-General of SSO, Ms. Lidija Kostovska, and the top management, in the presence of Mr. Aleksandar Zafiroski, the mission expert, Mr. Lars Rohrschneider, was introduced with the current situation, plans and programmes for work of SSO, the activities undertaken to improve the work in the period from the previous mission till today, as well as the novelties planned for the next period aiming at easier transposition and harmonisation of the national legislation with the European one. For more detailed insight in the working of the State Statistical Office, a meeting was organised for the expert in the regional department for statistics in Veles.

Also, SSO organised both joined and individual meetings with representatives of the state bodies and other institutions that are members of the working group for statistics whose work is coordinated by the Director-General of SSO, such as: the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, the Customs Administration, the Central Register etc. In the presence of the European representative of the twinning project in SEA, all participants shared information about their work in the area of statistics, the cooperation with SSO, as well as about the future plans within the institutions and the working group for statistics.

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