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Census portrait of settlements in North Macedonia, Census 2021


In accordance with the Programme for publication and dissemination of data from the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in the Republic of North Macedonia, 2021, the State Statistical Office is releasing the last set of census data, at the level of settlements:

  - Total resident population, households and dwellings

  - Total resident population by 5-year age groups

  - Total resident population by ethnic affiliation

The data show us that:

·         In the period of implementation of the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings, 2021, there are a total of 1 781 settlements in the Republic of North Macedonia, and 205 settlements are depopulated.

·         The capital city of Skopje has 526 502 inhabitants, 171 171 households and 213 850 dwellings.

·         The most populous settlement is Skopje - Aerodrom with 75 108 inhabitants, followed by the cities of Kumanovo with 75 051 inhabitants, Bitola with 69 287, Prilep with 63 308, Tetovo with 63 176 residents, etc.

·         In 684 settlements there are less than 100 inhabitants, while 218 settlements have less than 10 residents.

·         According to the number of households, the settlement of Skopje - Aerodrom has the most households - 27 026, followed by the cities of Bitola with 24 974, Kumanovo with 23 451, Prilep with 22 763, Tetovo with 17948, and in 381 settlements there are 10 or fewer households.

·         The settlement with the largest number of dwellings is Skopje - Aerodrom - 34 415, while 116 settlements have less than 10 dwellings.

·         Settlements with the most young population aged 0 to 14 are Skopje - Chair, Skopje - Aerodrom and the cities of Kumanovo and Tetovo, while the proportion of older population aged 85 and over is largest in Skopje - Karposh, Skopje - Centar and the cities of Bitola, Prilep, Veles, Ohrid, etc.

The entire set of data is published on the website of the SSO, in the Makstat database, at the following link: https://makstat.stat.gov.mk/PXWeb/pxweb/en/MakStat/MakStat__Popisi__Popis2021__NaselenieVkupno__PodatociNaselenie

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