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"Statistical system of the Republic of Macedonia - achievements and challenges"


As part of the celebration of World Statistics Day, a workshop titled "Statistical System of the Republic of Macedonia - achievements and challenges" was held in Ohrid. The workshop was attended by representatives of the official bodies in the national statistical system and institutions that are holders of administrative data sets.

The main workshop topics defined by the State Statistical Office, as the central body and coordinator of the statistical system of the Republic of Macedonia and as the organiser of this workshop, were the capacities and cooperation between all participants in the statistical system, with special emphasis on the new global sustainable development goals, the preparation and monitoring of the implementation of the Five-Year Programme of Statistical Surveys and the preparations for the forthcoming Peer Review of the national statistical system by Eurostat, which will take place in the second half of 2016.

The workshop was a good opportunity to exchange views and experiences, and to enhance the level of cooperation between the institutions involved in the national statistical system, with the aim of producing better statistics for better decisions.

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