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Conference on Statistical Data Confidentiality

 A three-day Joint UN / ECE and Eurostat Session dedicated to the confidentiality of statistical data started today in Skopje.

At the opening of the Conference, hosted by the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia, the Acting Director General of the Office, Mr. Apostol Simovski, referred to the importance of the confidentiality of individual data, emphasising the three basic pillars on which confidentiality is based, which are:
1. The fundamental principle of the United Nations according to which all data on individuals and business entities collected for the production of statistical data can and should be used exclusively for statistical purposes;
2. Existence of legislation that will impose a legal obligation on the statistical institutions for the protection of individual data;
3. Building confidence of data providers in the statistical institutions regarding the confidentiality and protection of individual data.

The conference is attended by 80 representatives of the academic community, international organisations, statistical institutions from around the world, who will present over 40 papers in the next three days.

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