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Screening meeting for Chapter 18 Statistics


At the headquarters of the Statistical Office of the European Union - Eurostat, a screening meeting is being held for Chapter 18 Statistics, as part of the process of starting accession negotiations with the EU. The national statistical system of the Republic of North Macedonia is represented by a team of statisticians led by the Director of the State Statistical Office, Mr. Apostol Simovski. The Macedonian delegation is led by Mr. Bojan Maricic, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs and chief negotiator for the Republic of North Macedonia.

The purpose of this screening meeting is to familiarise the candidate countries with the legislation of the European Union and prepare them for the negotiations. It also aims to enable the European Commission to assess the degree of preparedness of the candidate countries, to get informed about their plans and to obtain preliminary indications of the issues that will most likely come up in the negotiations.

Chapter 18 Statistics is part of the first cluster of chapters, Fundamentals. The activities in this chapter enable the national statistical system to adequately meet the requirements of the EU acquis in the field of statistics. EU rules and policies in this field aim to provide high-quality statistics in line with EU regulations and international recommendations.


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