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Start of the pilot survey on international trade in services


The pilot survey on international trade in services will be conducted in June 2021 via the System for Electronic Data Collection - eStat (http://www.stat.gov.mk/eStat_en.aspx). The reference year of the survey is 2020.

International trade in services statistics represent an essential source of information for balance of payments and national accounts and are an important basis for decision making in the public and private sectors. Moreover, these statistics can also be used to monitor the external commercial performance of different economies and help preparing trade negotiations in the context of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). Thus, comparable data on international trade in services are a fundamental input for trade agreements.

The Republic of North Macedonia has been regularly transmitting data on import and export of services to Eurostat within a very limited scope. Currently, data on international trade in services are compiled and published by the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia as part of the Balance of Payments.

In accordance with the recommendations and requirements of Eurostat, the State Statistical Office applied for and was given approval for the statistical project on international trade in services statistics within the IPA 2017 Multi-Beneficiary Statistical Cooperation Programme.

The purpose of this project is to establish a system for producing statistics on international trade in services. The first phase refers to the introduction of a new survey of business entities, which will provide detailed data according to EBOPS 2010 (Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification, 2010), broken down by country of import and export.


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