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Theme: Structural Business Statistics


Structural business statistics, 2020 - preliminary data


According to the preliminary data of the State Statistical Office, 57 853 enterprises engaged in market activities in industry, construction, trade and other business services activities in 2020 generated 1 307 934 million denars of turnover and 282 158 million denars of value added. For covering personnel costs of 387 938 employees, the observed enterprises spent 157 715 million denars. In comparison with the previous year, a decrease was recorded in employment by 3.2%, turnover 5.7% and value added by 6.0%. The biggest share of turnover was generated in the Wholesale and retail trade sector (41.7%), followed by enterprises in the Manufacturing sector (28.4%), Construction sector (7.1%), Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (7.0%), and the Transport and storage sector (5.3%). The Manufacturing sector contributed to value added generation the most (28.7%), followed by the Trade sector (23.8%). The Construction sector had a significant share in the value added at 9.9%, while the Information and communication sector generated 9.0%. In terms of enterprise size, micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees were dominant (90.6%), the majority of them in the Trade sector. With 31.8% of the total employees engaged, they created 21.6% of the total value added. Large enterprises, with a share of only 0.3% and engaging 26.1% of the employees, created 32.1% of the total value added within the business sector, mainly in the Manufacturing sector (14.0%). However, small and medium enterprises (10-249 employees) had the greatest potential, hiring 42.1% of the employees and creating 46.3% of the total value added in the business sector.

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