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Theme: Foreign Trade

International trade volume, January-November 2013


According to the preliminary data of the State Statistical Office, the export value of goods in the Republic of Macedonia in the period January-November 2013 was 3 863 059 thousand US dollars, and the import value was 5 981 590 thousand US dollars. Import coverage by export was 64.6%. The trade deficit in the period January-November 2013 was 2 118 531 thousand US dollars.
The trade exchange according to products shows that in the exports the most significant products are supported catalysts with precious metal or precious metal compounds as the active substance, ferro-nickel, iron and steel products (flat-rolled products), clothes and petroleum oil preparations. In the imports, the most significant products are the petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals (other than crude), platinum and platinum alloys, unwrought or in powder form, electricity and motor vehicles for the transport of persons, n.e.s.
In the period January-November 2013, the most important export partners were the EU-28 countries (72.6%) and the West Balkan countries (17.9%), while the most important import partners were the EU-28 countries (62.4%) and Miscellaneous - countries not specified extra (11.6%). According to the total volume of international commodity trade, the most important trade partners of the Republic of Macedonia are Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Serbia and Italy (49.9% of the total international commodity trade).

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