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Theme: Energy

Balance of oil by months, 2009 - preliminary data -


According to the State Statistical Offce data, in 2009, in the Republic of Macedonia, a total of 998 488 tonnes of Crude Oil were imported and consumed for production of Petroleum Products.

There were 731 445 tonnes of Available Petroleum Products, consisting of: 62 932 tonnes of LPG, 120 539 tonnes of Motor Spirit, 2 795 tonnes of Kerosenes, Jet Fuels, 369 248 tonnes of Gas/Diesel Oil, 90 410 tonnes of Residual Fuel Oil, 49 962 tonnes of Petroleum Coke and 35 559 tonnes of Other Petroleum Products.

The biggest consumers of Petroleum Products in 2009 were: Transport with 410 294 tonnes, Industry with 161 502 tonnes and 164 785 tonnes for Energy transformation (production of Heat and Electrical energy).

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