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Theme: Prices

Consumer Price Index, by COICOP classification, July 2012


According to the State Statistical Office data, the Consumer Price Index, measured by prices of goods and services for
personal consumption, in July 2012, in comparison with June 2012, was 99.1, while in comparison with July 2011 it
was 102.3.

Analyzed by main groups of intended use, in July 2012, compared with June 2012, a decrease of indices has been
registered in the groups: Transport by 2.5%, Food and non - alcoholic beverages by 1.8%, Housing, water, electricity,
gas and other fuels by 0.2% and Alcoholic beverages, tobacco by 0.1%.

An increase of the Consumer Price Index was registered in the groups: Health by 0.6%, Recreation and culture by 0.2%,
Furnishings, household equipment and routine maintenance of the house and Miscellaneous goods and services by

The indices of the groups: Clothing and footwear, Communication, Education and Restaurants and hotels remained at
the same level as in the previous month.

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