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Theme: Structural Business Statistics

Business services, 2019


In 2019, companies with over 20 employees engaged in the observed business services1) generated over 90% of the turnover by providing specialised services for which they are registered, except companies engaged in providing architectural services (84.1%).

Regarding the residence of the client, slightly more than half, i.e. 50.8% of the total turnover was created by providing services to domestic customers, 30.8% in EU countries, and 18.4% in other countries.

Companies registered for computer services generated the largest turnover from services aimed at non-resident clients, 67.9%, out of which 44.1% in EU countries. According to the type of service, the turnover was created by: computer programming 60.0%, data processing 15.1%, computer consulting services 13.9%, while 3.2% of the turnover was from the sale of computer equipment and software.

More than two thirds of the performed architectural services are specialised in the field of engineering and technical consulting (75%), while the plans and drawings of residential and other projects participated with 1.7% in the turnover.

Enterprises specialised in performing technical examination and analysis generated 62.3% of the turnover from other services for technical examination and analysis, while the technical testing services for road transport vehicles participated with 37.7%.

Companies engaged in providing advertising services generated 49.8% of the turnover from media advertising, mostly through the sale of space / time for a fee or on a contract basis, on TV / radio (59.0%), and 15.1% through the Internet. Advertising agencies generated 63.8% of the turnover by producing a complete advertisement, 19.0% by developing an advertising concept, and 11.5% by direct marketing and delivery of advertising materials by e-mail.

Companies that provide employment services had the highest turnover from mediation in temporary employment 58.6%, mostly for computer and telecommunications staff 71.8%, supply of transport, warehousing, logistics or industrial workers 7.4%, and auxiliary office staff 5.2%.

1) In 2019, the following were analysed: computer, market research and public opinion, architectural activities, technical testing and analysis, advertising and employment mediation services

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