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Theme: Structure of Agricultural Holdings

Typology of agricultural holdings


For the frst time, the State Statistical Offce established a typology of agricultural holdings in accordance with EU Regulation (EC) No 1242/2008, which is a uniform classifcation of agricultural holdings in the European Union.

The classifcation of agricultural holdings is based on type of farming and economic size of the holdings, by using standard output coeffcients and structural data from the Census of Agriculture 2007.

Of the total number of classifed agricultural holdings, 58.2% are classifed in the frst class - up to 2000 euro.

Of a total of 192 675 agricultural holdings, the largest part, 42 192, are holdings specialised in feld crops, while the least, 7760, are agricultural holdings specialised in granivores.

Individual agricultural holdings participate with 86.9% in creating the total standard output.

The biggest contributors to the formation of the total standard output are mixed crops-livestock agricultural holdings with 21.4%, while the smallest contributors are holdings specialised in feld crops with 6.7%.

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