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Migration in North Macedonia - a country profile 2021, 2021


A migration profile is a country-owned tool, prepared in consultation with a broad range of both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, that can be used to enhance policy coherence, evidence-based policymaking and the mainstreaming of migration into development plans. This Migration Profile of the Republic of North Macedonia (2021) is developed in line with the IOM template for migration profiles as it appears in Migration Profiles: Making the Most of the Process, 1 an IOM-prepared practical guide for developing such documents. The template is intended for use as a flexible tool – that is, as a proposed framework that serves more as an “options menu” than a fixed structure that must be rigidly followed. In formulating the contents of this document, consideration was taken of the peculiarities of migration movements in, to and from North Macedonia, and especially external migration, to complement and put into context available statistics from both domestic and foreign sources.  

Release date: 22.08.2023
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Number of pages: 137
Language: Macedonian and English


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