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Statistical album of the Republic of Macedonia, 1991-2016


This publication is a special edition marking the 25th anniversary of the State Statistical Office in independent Republic of Macedonia.
Deciding on a graphical display of the main results and trends of our socioeconomic development in the period from gaining independence in 1991 to 2016, the State Statistical Office endeavours to present the abundance of published
data, specific to individual stages of the development of the major areas of social and economic life, in a graphic and popular way in order to make them accessible, understandable and more attractive to a wider range of users. The selection and arrangement of the material have been adapted accordingly.
This publication, the first of its kind issued by the State Statistical Office in independent Macedonia, employs the customary layout order of individual areas.
The idea for the publication, the selection of data and the graphic design are entirely the work of the State Statistical Office, which is our contribution to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of independent Republic of Macedonia.

Release date: 01.08.2016
PDF:    Download the publication 13.3Mb
  Data in the published publication are free of charge. When using the data, please cite the source.
Number of pages: 41
ISBN: 978-608-227-237-5
Language: Macedonian and English


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