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Energy consumption in households, 2014


We hereby present the first edition of the publication Energy consumption in households that will be published every five years as a regular edition by the State Statistical Office.
The publication has been prepared so as to gain insight in the energy commodities and devices utilized in households in the Republic of Macedonia in the course of 2014.
Data were collected, analyzed and processed by the Department of environment, energy and transport, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2008 on energy statistics of the European Parliament and the Council along with amendment no. 431/2014 as regards the implementation of annual statistics on energy consumption in households.

Release date: 30.12.2015
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  Data in the published publication are free of charge. When using the data, please cite the source.
Number of pages: 58
ISBN: 978-608-227-216-0
Language: Macedonian and English


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