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Symmetric input-output tables for the Republic of Macedonia, 2010


The input-output framework of the European System of Accounts (ESA 1995) consists of three types of tables: supply and use tables, tables linking the supply and use tables to the sector accounts and symmetric input-output tables.
In 2004, following the needs for harmonization with the European statistical system, the State Statistical Office started with experimental compilation of the supply and use tables for the year 2000, which were used as basis for the compilation of symmetric input-output tables for the year 2000. The whole procedure was based on the methodological concepts, definitions and classifications recommended in the EUROSTAT “Manual on Input-Output Tables”. The tables were published in 2006 in the edition “Classifications, methodologies, nomenclatures and standards” No.
The symmetric input-output tables for 2005 were published in 2008 in a statistical review that became a regular five-yearly issue of the Sector for National Accounts.
Presented in this publication are symmetric input-output tables for the Republic of Macedonia for 2010. These tables are derived from the supply and use tables for the year 2010 published in the statistical review No.
While the supply and use tables are data-oriented in nature, the symmetric input-output tables are derived on the basis of certain analytical assumptions, usually from existing supply and use tables. This process should better be described as transformation and it could also be viewed as a step from statistics to modeling.

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Release date: 12.11.2013
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Number of pages: 35
ISBN: 978-608-227-125-5
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