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Household Consumption in the Republic of Macedonia, 2007


The systematized data from the statistical survey referred to as "The Household Consumption Survey in the Republic of Macedonia" conducted in 2007 are presented in the Statistical Review No. In our opinion these data could serve to analyze the living standards of the households in the Republic of Macedonia. The Review is the follow-up of the same publication published for 2006.

The data published in the Review are on: the average available funds according to the sources, the amount of used funds according to the purpose of consumption, the amount of money used, the quantities of foodstuffs and some other commodities intended for personal consumption, as well as data on the household level of supplies with durable goods.

The data are systematized for all the households in total and according to the socio-economic category of the household: agricultural, mixed and non-agricultural.

The categorization of households in socio-economic categories enables one to have an insight into the current differences of the level and structure of the household personal consumption, which is a crucial material component of the living standards of the population.

The data from this survey are used to draw up lines indicating the poverty in Macedonia according to the regions and according to the types of the households.

Moreover, the data from this survey are used for drawing up weights to estimate the Consumer price index.

For easier and more accurate uses of data consisted in this Review, methodological instructions and remarks are given.

Release date: 28.05.2008
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  Data in the published publication are free of charge. When using the data, please cite the source.
Number of pages: 117
ISBN: 978 9989-167-19-2
ISSN: 1409-9004
Language: Macedonian and English


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