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Natural Population Change, 2018



Dear users,
Due to the discovered error in the Table T.28: Live births by ethnic affiliation of mother, place of birth and skilled attendance at birth, a correction was made in the sum for City Skopje.

This Review presents the basic statistics about the natural population change in the Republic of North Macedonia in 2018 and the comparative indicators for the period 1994-2018. In accordance with international standards and recommendations on the one hand, and with the aim of meeting users' needs for qualitative data on the other hand, the State Statistical Office, starting from 2004, applies a new methodology of presenting data on the vital events, taking into consideration only the events that have occurred in the Republic of North Macedonia. The contents of the Review have been defined based on the analyses of users' needs for statistical data on the natural population change in the Republic of North Macedonia, especially in the field of health and social protection, education and science. These data are of particular interest for the state administrative bodies and the units of the local self-government for the purposes of creation and implementation of the development policies.

Release date: 19.07.2019
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Number of pages: 114
ISBN: 978-608-227-319-8
Language: Macedonian and English

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