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Population projections of the Republic of North Macedonia by 2070,


After carrying out the Census 2021 and the publication of the data, and of course due to the long period of having no census data, it was necessary to revise the series of the total population estimates, accumulated over the period 2002-2021, and create new estimates based on the new census data from 2021, and immediately after that, to make projections of the population of the Republic of North Macedonia for a medium-term period, in this case until 2070.

This publication presents the basic methodological solutions, the adopted hypotheses about fertility, mortality and migrations, as well as the most important results of the population projections for the Republic of North Macedonia from 2022 to 2070. Projections have been made for each individual year of the projection period, by individual years of age and sex. The complete set of data has been published in the Makstat database on the website of the State Statistical Office and is available to all interested users.

Date of release: 15.12.2023
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Number of pages: 79
Language: Macedonian, Albanian and English


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