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Labour costs survey, 2016, 2016


The establishment of a comprehensive statistical informative system for the labour market is one of the priority
development goals of the State Statistical Office.

The data on wages and other labour costs paid by the employer for the employees, as employer’s costs and not
as employee’s incomes, are the basic statistical data that are indispensable for monitoring the changes on the labour

The Labour Costs Survey was carried out in the Republic of Macedonia to provide all these information.

The results of this survey are published in this publication and presented as data on overall employer’s costs made
for employees, by separate kinds of costs and by different kinds of ownership (private and other), which we consider that
are useful for analysing certain phenomena and issues concerning the labour market.

Date of release: 03.08.2018
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Number of pages: 69
ISBN: 978-608-227-306-8
Language: Macedonian and English


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