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Methodological explanation for the news release:


The data presented in this Report are obtained by the statistical survey - Libraries in the Republic of Macedonia, which as a regular survey, conducted every three years by the State Statistical Offce. The survey covers national, public libraries, libraries in tertiary educational institutions, other major -non specialized and specialized libraries. The data are referring to: number of libraries by type, libraries collection, increase of the collections’ editions, employed persons in libraries etc.

Library is any organized collection of printed books and periodicals or any other graphic or audio - visual materials, as well as services of the staff to provide and facilitate the use of such materials in order to meet the informational, research, educational or recreational needs of its users.

Registered user (member): any person registered in a library in order to borrow the materials of the collection for use inside or outside the library.

Library user: a person utilizing the services of the library. If same person during the year borrowed library material several times, the person should be presented as a user every time when material was borrowed.

Used library material: any used document of the library material. The used library material is presented as many times as it was borrowed, including the repeated borrowing of the same material by the same user.

Last updated: 11.02.2011


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