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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Illegally built constructions

Sources and methods for data collection

The data are collected from the Annual Statistical Report on illegally built constructions – GRAD. 71A.


The Annual Statistical Report on illegally built constructions – GRAD. 71A is filled in by the building inspectors in the municipalities, i.e. their departments responsible for urban planning.


Construction is any separate, freestanding functional structure whose purpose is determined in advance and which is permanently located on a specific territory.

Building is construction built above ground, that usually consists of foundations and external walls and which is covered by roof. Buildings are intended for various purposes i.e. for permanent use and accommodation of people and goods.

Garage is a construction that, in order to be covered by this Survey, should be built as a separate, freestanding functional structure and not to be part of a building.

Fences, terraces, stairs, summer terraces and canopies are constructions that in this Survey are observed as separate structures regardless if they are part of the building or not.

Last updated: 25.06.2012


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