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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Spent building materials and energy


With the Annual report for consumption of building and power materials Grad – 13 are covered all the business subjects in Republic of Macedonia that have main activity in constructions, and also enterprises that according Nace classifcation are not classifed in constructions, but during the reporting year have performed some construction activity.

The reporting unit fulfls one questionnaire for the whole building material used in the object on which they performed construction activity, also the spent fuel and other material, regardless if they buy the material on their own or with the involvement of the investor.

With the report are not covered the material evidenced in the balance sheet, also the material leased to another business subject, and the material which have been already used (from the destroyed objects).

The spent building and power material is presented in total for the business subject.

Data are inputted for the all shown types of materials according the material evidence, regardless if the reporting unit have buy it or produced it on her own.

If data is given for prefabricated elements or cement and concrete, then shouldn’t been reported the material used for their production, for example cement, sand, shingle etc.

The results of this survey are used for planning activities, for analysis of the development of building technology, for calculation of building price indices according the method of structural values, control of the indices of the building production amount, for making input-output tables and for making energy balances.

Last updated: 11.02.2011


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