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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Completed construction works and completed dwellings in housing units built by construction business entities


The value of completed construction works represents the value of really completed construction works during the reporting year. The value of completed construction works is obtained from the annual accounts.

The value of completed construction works should cover all handcraft and installation works and services completed during the year. In this value are not included the expenditures for purchasing the land, public infrastructure facilities, moving, planning services and other, as well as the expenditures for equipment of finished constructions.

Dwelling is a structurally unified whole intended for habitation, which consists of one or more rooms and related auxiliary spaces (kitchen, storeroom, hallway, bathroom, toilet and similar) or without auxiliary spaces and it has one or more separated entrances.

Completed dwelling is a dwelling in which all construction works, craft and installation works have been done, regardless if the building where the dwelling is located is connected to public utilities or not.

Useful floor area of the dwelling is actually the useful surface area which is calculated according to the international standards and it covers the surface floor area of all rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, hallways and other auxiliary spaces in the dwelling and the surface of open areas in the dwelling, reduced by appropriate coefficients.

Last updated: 09.02.2011


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