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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Museums and collections

The data presented in this Release were collected by the statistical surveys of museums and museum collections, conducted every three years.

The data obtained by the statistical surveys refer to: number of museums and number of museum collections, year of establishment, type of museums by establisher, by subject and type of museum exhibits, number of visitors, publishing activities of the museums and number of employees.

Reporting units

The reporting units in these surveys are all museums and museum collections, galleries and other institutions (libraries, community centers), which perform museum activity.


According to the Law on Museums ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" no. 66/2004), the museum is a non-profit cultural institution. Museums perform researches, collection and classification, expert and scientific processing and examination, protection, publishing and presentation of museum exhibits. The museum is an institution open to the public, with an educational role for attracting wider audience and for developing interactive communication with visitors in order to promote the cultural inheritance.

The museum exhibits are museum material, which by its values, characteristics, contents or functions has cultural, scientific, historical and natural significance and is registered into the museum's inventory book. The usage and protection of museum exhibits is legally regulated in accordance with law.The museum material comprises archeological, ethnological, historical, artistic and technical exhibits, as well as paleontological, geological, zoological and botanical samples provided by the museum for exploring, classifying, expert and scientific processing, examination and presentation, up to their registration into the museum's inventory book.

Museum collections are separate institutions that performe museum activity with different types of museum exhibits or with only one type of museum exhibits.

Last updated: 09.02.2011


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