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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Fine arts

The data presented in this Release were collected by the statistical surveys of fine art exhibitions and fine art colonies in the Republic of Macedonia, which as regular statistical surveys are conducted annually by the State Statistical Office.

The data refer to: the number of organized art exhibitions, attendance, participation of artists at the art exhibitions, their origin-domestic and foreign, total number of art colonies, participants in the activities of the colonies, created paintings etc.


The fine art exhibition is an art event where the paintings of the artists are presented. Art exhibitions can be divided into independent, group and retrospective exhibitions.

An independent exhibition is an exhibition where the paintings of one artist, domestic or foreign, are presented.

Group exhibition is an exhibition on which the paintings of more artists are presented.

Retrospective exhibition is an exhibition on which the paintings of an artist created during his/her lifespan are presented.

The fine art colony is a kind of organized art event where, upon invitation and during a limited time period, different types of artists (painters, graphic artists, craftsmen) create works of art that afterwards remain the property of the business entity which organized the art colony.

Last updated: 09.02.2011


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