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Methodological explanation for the news release:

Energy (monthly data)

Data scope

In the process of collecting data from the reporting units the method of full coverage is used (for business entities that perform production, transmission and distribution of energy), as well as the sample method (for business entities that are consumers of energy).


Hydroelectric plants are plants which convert the potential and kinetic energy of water into electricity.
Solar plants are photovoltaic plants which convert sunlight into electricity.
Public thermal power stations are plants for production of electricity only.
Autoproducer thermal power stations are plants for combined production of electricity and heat.
CHP plants are combined heat and power plants, which produce both heat and electricity intended for sale.
Main activity producer heat plants are plants for production of heat intended for sale.
Import/Export represents the quantity that entered/left the national territory.
Stock change is the stock difference between the first day (opening stocks) and the last day of the month (closing stocks) that appears in the country.
Gross inland consumption is total primary production + import – export + stock changes.
Total gross electricity production covers gross electricity production in all types of power plants. Total gross electricity production at plant level is defined as electricity measured at the outlet of the main transformers including the amount of electricity used for own consumption during the production process.
Total net electricity production is the difference of the total gross production and own use electricity consumption during production process.
Net import = Import - Export
Gross national electricity consumption = Net import + Total gross production
Transformation input includes energy commodities consumed for transformation into another energy form (Heat and Electricity).
Transformation output includes production of transformed energy forms (thermal electricity, petrol products and heat energy).
Exchanges and transfers, returns presents transfer of hydro electricity gross-productions.
Distribution losses include all losses due to transmission and distribution of energy (natural gas, electrical energy, etc).
Available for final consumption is energy that is not undergoing transformation before its final use as a product and is calculated as follows:
Gross inland consumption - transformation input + transformation output + exchanges, returns - consumption of energy sector - losses.
Final energy consumption includes final consumption in industry, transport, households, agriculture and other sectors.
Normal cubic meter is gas volume at temperature 200C and pressure 1.01325 bar.
Net calorific value = 0.9*Gross calorific value.

Calculation method

For calculating the monthly energy statistics, the methodology "Energy Statistics Methodology Eurostat F4, 1998" is used. Monthly energy statistics are prepared in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1099/2008 on energy statistics.


In the distribution of the final energy consumption in the monthly energy statistics, the National Classification of Activities NKD Rev.2 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 147/2008) is used.

Last updated: 13.05.2013


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