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CodeNameShort nameYearResponsible institutionFamilyLink
01.11Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community Rev.2 (2008)NACE2008EurostatActivities Download
02.11Statistical Classification of Products by Activity, Ver.2.1CPA2015EurostatProducts Download
02.12Combined Nomenclature, 2023CN2023EurostatProducts Download
02.14Classification of Types of Constructions (1998)CC1998EurostatProducts Download
02.15PRODCOM list 2017-2018PRODCOM list2017-2018EurostatProducts Download
02.16Trade Described by Products Traded (based on CPA 2.1)TDbyPT2015EurostatProducts Download
02.17Standard goods classification for transport statistics, 2007NST2007EurostatProducts Download
03.12European Classification of Individual Consumption according to PurposeeCOICOP2010EurostatConsumption Download
05.15Field of science and technology classification (2007) FOS2007EurostatEducation-Science Download
05.16Nomenclature for the analysis and comparison of scientific programmes and budgets (2007)NABS2007EurostatEducation-Science Download
07.11List of WastesLoW2001CEC (DG "Environment") Environment Download
07.12European Waste Classification for Statistics, Ver.4EWC2010EurostatEnvironment Download
07.13Classification of Environmental Protection Activities and Expenditure (2000) CEPA2000EurostatEnvironment Download
08.13LUCAS Land Use and Cover Area frame SurveyLUKAS2015EurostatLand use Download
09.12NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics), by country, Ver.2013NUTS2013EurostatGeographic Download
09.12NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics), by regional level, Ver.2013NUTS2013EurostatGeographic Download
09.13Nomenclature of Countries and Territories for the External Trade Statistics of the Community and Statistics of Trade between Member StatesGeonom2015EurostatGeographic Download
49.12Main Industrial Groupings (MIG's), 2009 MIGs2009EurostatAggregate Download
50.10Classification of Statistical ActivitiesCSA2009EurostatOther Download
01.13Activity coding list for harmonized European time use surveysACL2018EurostatActivities Download

Commission of the European Communities (Statistical Office/Eurostat)
Commission of the European Communities (Directorate General "Environment")

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